Helpful Links



Preschool Matters:

Preschool Matters is a ETD program. Infomation can be found via this link on annual grants that focus on encouraging parent participation in ACT preschools.


Education and Training Directorate:

Information on policies, enrolment systems and a directory to schools can all be found on this comprehensive ETD site.


Guild Insurance:

CPS brokers a group policy for our members with Guild Insurance.


History of Preschools in ACT:

Previous CPS council members have created a very detailed history of ACT public school preschools in Canberra.


Office of Regulatory Services (ORS):

Go to Community / Associations and you will find loads of details regarding your obligations as an Association.


Starting Blocks:

This is a brilliant new site from ACECQA designed specifically for parents of children from birth to 5years. Tips on how to choose a quality child care service, appropriate developmental milestones and suggestions on how to encourage your childs development at home.



Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth are currently running a project on parental engagement.



Will have all you need to know about NQF - National Quality Framework