The Role of a Parent Committee


Whole of Committee

A Preschool Parent Association exists to support the interests of the preschool they represent. Through the roles of President, Treasurer, Secretary, Fundraising Officers and general members the preschool parents work collaboratively with the preschool staff, preschool parents and the School Principal to highlight the needs of and add value to, the preschool program.

This can occur in many forms such as social activities, fundraising activities and providing valuable play resources to the preschool. The aim of the game is to assist where required and add value parental involvement to the preschool program.


The president is the person who takes the hot seat. A president is required to represent the overall view of the committee in a fair and just manner.

In general presidents and secretaries work closely together to formulate the Agenda and set meeting dates.

During meetings the Presidents role is to keep members on track as determined by the agenda. It’s also important to keep to time and ensure that a meeting isn’t hijacked by individuals. This role will require some liaisons between the school, preschool staff and preschool parents.

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A secretary will help to set meeting dates and circulate agenda items & reports. The secretary also records the minutes of the meetings and circulates them with the members. A record of attendees should also be noted. It is also important to check that actions items have been carried out.

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A Treasurer is responsible for keeping the preschools' accounts in good working order.  General tasks will include book keeping, payments, lodgements and petty cash. Ideally a treasurer will bring an up to date report along to meeting so that members are able to make informed decisions.

The majority of our Preschool Parent Associations use QuickBooks Online to record their finances.

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Officers Preschool Parent Associations often have more than one fundraising officer. This allows the fundraising officers to share they load and remain in touch with groups that are only attend for half the week. Their role is to determine the scope of fundraising activities required through the year in consultation with Preschool staff and their PPA.

The Fundraising Officers then manage the selected fundraising activities. Appropriate records of these activities need to be kept for both the treasurer and future fundraising officers.

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General Members

General members are encouraged to attend their preschool meetings so that they can contribute to the decision making that occurs within this setting. This is the perfect role for those who are unsure if they would like to take on a formal position but would still like to be involved in the general workings at preschool.

Types of Meetings

A General Meeting

  • A date, time and place for the meeting should be set and advertised within the preschool community
  • An agenda for the meeting should be circulated a week prior
  • Check that your quorum is meet in order to proceed.  
  • Previous meeting minutes should be approved
  • Work through the matters at hand in accordance to the agenda
  • Set the next meeting date
  • All preschool parents are welcome to general meetings
  • Your constitution will stipulate how many meetings are required
  • some preschools may prefer to meet after session time, the times should be set in consultation with your preschool teacher

Annual General Meeting (AGM):

  • parent associations should hold their AGM’s in February of each year to allow for a handover from the outgoing committee
  • this is where the new parent committee is elected
  • Executive Meetings
  • Executive involves office bearers e.g. president, vice-president/cps rep, secretary, treasurer (as listed in your constitution)
  • can be held prior to a general meeting if you prefer, saving another night out

Special General Meetings

  • are rare and often require a special resolution to be moved
  • this involves giving 21 days notice e.g. amendment to your constitution