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Parent Picnic



Many of our parent committees host a family picnic day.

This can work really well at the beginning of the year so new families can get to know each other. A family picnic day is also a great way to finish up a busy year at preschool.

Your preschool parent association may orgainse a social BBQ. These type of activities show great parent interest in your child's learning environment.

Parent-funded Incursions


One of the any ways parents can contribute to their educational program is through fundraising. At times parent associations in consultation with their teachers may choose to fund excursions such as trips to the theatre or local attractions that will compliment the learning occurring in their classroom.

Many parents also fund incursions such as the magic man, drama shows or yoga programs that a run over several weeks that would be over and above the regular school budget.

Defining Parental Engagement

Critical documentation has been launched by the Minister for Education and Training, Ms Joy Burch  (Feb 2015). This report, prepared for the government by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) provides the first evidence based definition of Parental Engagement.

This report will provide the foundations and guidelines for parental engagement & parental involvement. This project will also develop a framework for measuring parental engagement and determine its

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