What does CPS do?


  • We are here to support you during your child's preschool year
  • Help you navigate your role on your parent committee
  • We run "how to" Workshops for Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries and fundraising throughout the year
  • We have the unique ability to speak on behalf of all preschool's and preschool parents so that out interests are made clear and well represented to governing bodies within Education
  • We help you to create preschool connections throughout ACT through our meetings that are held once a term
  • Help you to keep our parent team motivated
  • We negotiate a group insurance policy so that all our members are well covered without all the hassle of comparing companies
  • Our goal is to make sure you have had a great experience as part of your
  • preschool parent association so that you are keen to volunteer again!
  • Keeps track of all the important stuff that is being decided about preschools so that we can keep you well informed.