CPS Structure


How Canberra Preschool Society is Governed

We are governed by:

  • CPS Council President
  • CPS Council Treasurer
  • CPS Council Secretary
  • CPS General Members x 2

Executive Officer

The CPS office is managed by an Executive officer who is employed part time to support our members and act on their behalf.

CPS General Members

At CPS our members are representatives of preschool parents across the Territory.

Most Preschool Parents Association & Playschool Committee members appoint a CPS delegate, who will attend meetings and share relevant information.

In this way we can be sure to maintain good lines of communication with our preschools and ensure that we are reflective of their current needs.

External Stakeholders

CPS has industry relevant connections throughout the ACT.

We frequently meet with the following groups:

  • Education & Training Directorate
  • Preschool Matters Consultative Committee
  • Early Childhood Australia Branch meetings
  • Guild Insurance
  • Civic Insurance
  • Preschool Teachers Professional Association
  • Playschool Teachers Meetings